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Cardinal Newman currently offers three different music classes.

Guitar Class

Guitar Class is a full year long class that meets the California State Arts requirements (VPA). Guitar Class at Cardinal Newman is for students at various levels from beginning to advanced. It covers both acoustic and electric guitar and provides the essential tools and vocabulary used in Rock, Jazz, Folk, Country and Classical music. The students perform solo and in small ensembles. The more experienced players are able to also perform in the large Guitar Orchestra reading standard music notation. The Guitar Orchestra performs arrangements of Classical and Popular music.

Modern Band

Modern Band is a full year long class that meets the California State Arts requirements (VPA). This class is open to experienced instrumentalists and vocalists that are ready to perform in a band. The group rehearses and performs music of all styles, Pop, Rock, Country etc. There are several performance opportunities throughout the school year. In addition topics essential to life long music involvement are covered such as standard music notation, improvisation, ear training, vocal harmony etc. The Cardinal Newman music room is lucky to be equipped with state of the art instruments (electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, drums) an electronic synthesizer laboratory and audio/recording equipment (full PA system, microphones, digital audio workstations).

Listen to the online album made by the Modern Band group!

Freshman Music

Freshman Music is for Freshman students that have little or no experience with music. It allows them to explore music listening & appreciation of Popular music styles and examine how they link with more established forms of music. There is also lot’s of hands on instruction on Guitar, Piano, Drums and modern digital synthesis and recording. The projects are fun and allow students to create with music and sound in individual ways as wells as in small groups.