A Catholic, college preparatory high school located in beautiful Sonoma County.



Dance I provides students with a comprehensive artistic education in diverse forms of movement and expression such as ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop and multi-cultural dance. Students build life skills in leadership, problem solving, organization, and self-discipline, through focus, commitment, communication, creativity, and collaboration. Students are guided through technical and creative exercises on how to interpret music, use expression, execute various styles of movement, interpret, critique, and build choreographic skills. Students learn basic elements of pilates and various yoga stretches to increase strength, balance, and flexibility. Students will improve fitness levels and discover personal achievement through perseverance, cooperation, patiences and a positive attitude. Students participate and collaborate in two full productions per year, learning theater etiquette and an appreciation for the performing arts. Most importantly, students participate in and help create a supportive, creative and inclusive learning environment. All levels of dance experience are welcome.




Dance II allows students to continue to expand their dance vocabulary and participate in advanced beginning/ intermediate levels of ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, multicultural dance, pilates and yoga. Students will be guided through more challenging, technical, and creative exercises, music interpretation, and use of expression. Students will focus on enhancing performance techniques and creating strong choreographic skills through improvisation, analyzing, and critiquing professional work. Students are given more opportunities to choreograph, create ideas for the shows, design costumes, edit music, and perform in extra school performances such as school rallies. Students continue to work as a team, sharing positive feedback and apply life skills through leadership, perseverance, patience, and cooperation. Students create a supportive, creative, and inclusive learning environment. Students participate and collaborate in two full productions per year, implementing theater etiquette and an appreciation for the performing arts.

Dance III is a continuation of Dance I and Dance II. Students in Dance III will demonstrate the ability to use perceptual and movement skills at a more advanced level in order to perform, use expression, and communicate meaning through dance. Students will further develop organizational and life skills through collaboration, constructing dances, and using improvisation based on experiences, emotions, concepts, and literature. Students will identify, analyze, and critique works to develop an understanding of dance aesthetics and the value of creative and critical thinking. Dance III will have the opportunity to participate in outreach performances, master classes, and to observe professional work

*Movement is an integral part of life, allowing the human spirit to develop, expand, and be truly alive and free.

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