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Emergency Plan

Student safety is our top priority. Therefore, Cardinal Newman actively works to improve our responsiveness to possible emergencies. Our focus is on ensuring the safety of our students and communicating promptly with parents.

In an emergency, parents have several ways to obtain information about their children’s situation and status.

  1. Visit our web page at www.cardinalnewman.org.
  2. Check your Blackbaud dashboard.
  3. Check your email for communication from the school.
  4. Watch for texts or listen for phone calls from the school.
  5. Check our Facebook or Instagram accounts.

We ask all families to follow these guidelines in times of emergency:

  1. Please do not call the school. During an emergency, telephone and cell phone communications must be open for emergency first responders. 
  2. Please do not drive to school. Traffic congestion can block or delay access for emergency response vehicles. Understand that all faculty, staff, and first responders are focused on student safety, and we will make reunification plans as soon as possible.
  3. In an emergency, the school must know the whereabouts of every child. We will use telephone, text, and email to contact parents. If a reunification process is necessary, please be patient and bring identification. We must note the release of students to their parents, guardians, or an adult listed on the child’s emergency card. We will remain with students until everyone is picked up.

Emergency Preparation
Your child will practice emergency procedures throughout the year, including evacuation (fire) drills. Our training aims to provide efficient, prompt, and safe procedures for students and staff responding to emergencies.

All classrooms have detailed written emergency procedures. In addition, every classroom has an emergency “red bag,” which contains essential supplies to assist teachers and students during an emergency. The District’s priority is to keep all its students safe in emergencies. Through education, training, practice, and experience, we can achieve our goal of a safe, appropriate and prompt response to any crisis.

Cardinal Newman High School has a comprehensive safety plan that is reviewed and updated annually by March 1.  Parents can view the Comprehensive School Safety Plan at the school office.

Parent Informational Handout
Standard Response Protocol