Summer Academic Programs

Summer at Cardinal Newman gives students a chance to learn and grow in a more casual setting. Students can pick the courses that they’re most interested in mastering, and without a full course load of academic classes and extracurricular activities, the stage is set for success. Upperclassman have the opportunity to take courses like geometry or government over the summer making room for more elective opportunities the following year. Incoming eighth graders have even more to gain from our summer program, with the opportunity to meet new friends, build new skills, and explore our campus. All so that the first day of school is like coming home.

Incoming Freshman (Class of 2022) Course Descriptions:

Bridge English

Bridge Math Skills Improvement

Bridge Counseling Assessment

Bridge Diagnostics Program

Academic English 9 Prep

Algebra 1 Prep

Algebra 1 Review

Upper Level Course Descriptions:


US Government

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