Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center (ASC) is designed to help students with diverse learning needs. Full-time credentialed educational specialists and teachers are available to work with students individually and in small groups. The staff also assists faculty in integrating teaching strategies beneficial to most students but essential for diverse learners.


  • To provide ASC students with additional academic support which includes: instruction in executive function skills, self-advocacy, self-esteem, communication and more, small group learning sessions, supervised homework study groups and individual assistance and support in the Cardinal Newman High School college preparatory environment.
  • To coordinate with and educate classroom teachers to help understand and teach to the specific learning needs of identified students and provide instructional methodology to the faculty.
  • To guide each student towards maximizing their potential while developing necessary learning skills, compensation strategies to succeed independently and develop self-advocacy techniques and skills.
  • To develop individual learning plans incorporating both accommodations and strategies.
  • To provide Counselors and Teachers a profile of the student learning.
  • To provide support for students to become lifelong learners while achieving academic success.
  • To assist in researching support services at the college level.

Examples of Service Provided in The ASC

  • Advise and assist students as they encounter potential academic obstacles
  • Create and explain individual learning profiles based upon individual learning needs
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to discuss and support the individual needs of ASC students
  • Give instruction in study skills, independent learning strategies, and self¬≠ advocacy
  • Provide guidance with long-term projects
  • Allow opportunities to study in groups and collaborate with other students
  • Proctor tests and exams with extended time
    and other accommodations
  • Assist in obtaining extended time and other accommodations for standardized testing
  • Assist in researching support services at the college level
  • Provide referrals for psycho-educational evaluations

*In order for students to receive services, the complete Academic Support Center application must be submitted through the Cardinal Newman website. Additionally, psychological evaluations must be up to date (administered within the past three years). Students who do not have up-to-date evaluations will not be eligible for support services through the ASC. Contact Kristina Davison for more information:

ASC Director Kris Davison

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