IMPORTANT: You must complete this Supplementary Application for Academic Support and submit the required documentation for your child to be considered for membership in the Academic Support Center (ASC). If you do not provide the required documentation and complete this application, your student will not be eligible to receive these services at Cardinal Newman High School.

To apply to CN’s Academic Support Program, please submit the following:

  1. Completed supplementary application (below).
  2. A copy of your student’s current (within the last three years) and complete IEP, 504-Plan, and/or psycho-educational evaluation including diagnosis and testing results, with rationale and recommendations relevant to high school. You must include complete testing results; if the only results available are from an older evaluation, please provide these.
  3. A letter of recommendation from a tutor, educational therapist, resource specialist, or other appropriate professional who can describe your child’s special learning needs, work ethic, and response to accommodations.
  4. Mail or email the documentation and letter of recommendation to Cardinal Newman High School, Academic Support Center, 50 Ursuline Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95403; you may send electronic copies to Kristina Davison, at

Supplementary Application

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