The Dean's Office

Mr. Gilson - Dean of Students

You can contact Mr. Gilson at or call (707) 546-6470 ext. 130.

Cardinal Newman Discipline Policy

Fostering the growth of Christian gentlemen and women is our primary goal. Toward this end, Cardinal Newman High School has established a discipline code that allows faculty and students to work together. Policies and behavioral regulations enable the individual to develop self- control and also protect the rights of all individuals to pursue their education. The standards of conduct and behavior that Cardinal Newman challenges all students to embody are grounded in the principles of Christian morality and the guidance of the Catholic Church. Students are expected to act in a way that will show consideration and respect for fellow students, faculty, staff and visitors. They should strive to create a positive and harmonious atmosphere within the school community, and be a favorable reflection on Cardinal Newman High School. This is best accomplished when students recognize their responsibilities and obligations in the school's life. No student should prevent a teacher from teaching or another student from learning.

Parent and Family Handbook

Safe House Program

Dance Information

Dress-Shopping Guide

Male Dress Guidelines

Dance Visitors Form

Anonymous Incident Report

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