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CBSL Project: Art Therapy at Brookdale

Isabelle Citti

For my CBSL Project, I want to visit elderly people living in a senior care facility with dementia. I would like to have them participate in music therapy by teaching them how to play ukulele and giving performances of songs from their generation. Music therapy will help improve their cognitive function and help recall memories. Music is a wonderful tool for improving quality of life. I would also like to provide art therapy by bringing sketchbooks and allowing the seniors to doodle whatever they want while chatting.

CBSL Project: Catholic Charities Shaw Center Alzheimer's Memory Care

I, Julio Angel will be working with Santa Rosa Charities Memory Care program, specifically with Elderly patients who suffer from Alzheimer's and Dementia. I will be creating a relationship with each person I work with asl as create music playlist that accommodated to each patient to help them overcome all the stress and memory lose from their disease. I will also create a memory book based on all the experienced they lived through in their life as we we go back over their memories together. I decided to work with Elderly Alzheimer's patients be I couldn't imagine losing the most fondest memories of my life when they matter, a point of reflecting and happiness within their life, the oldest age. I also chose this project because I couldn't bear to watch my own grandmother go through a sad and drastic disease as Dementia and Dementia.


Julio's CBSL Portfolio

The main mission of Music for Alzheimer's is to make music playlists for people with Alzheimer's, Dementia, or any cognitive disability. These playlists would be music that had meaning to the patient's life, or music that had an influential aspect on their life. - Lleyton Delzell

View: Lleyton's CBSL Portfolio

CBSL Project: Elena Aldridge and Bella Erwin

Threads for Teens

This is a non profit organization dedicated to help disadvantaged girls (from foster care and group homes) build self-esteem by giving them free, brand-new, quality clothing. Our goal is to have them leaving happy and more confident!

- Elena Aldridge

I'm Bella Erwin and I am helping young girls at Village Charter School become more comfortable in their own skin. Through a variety of bonding activities the girls will gain confidence, learn to speak up for themselves, and understand that there is no correct definition of what beauty is. I have a passion for leadership, and I am inspired by the idea of a group of girls that can feel comfortable talking with me and are excited for our girls group every week.

View: Elena's CBSL Portfolio

View: Bella's CBSL Portfolio

View: Healdsburg News

CBSL Project: Madeleine Craig

My name is Madeleine Craig, and I am working with Ceres Community Project's outreach program to recruit new volunteers into the program. Ceres is a nonprofit organization that provides all organic, nutritious meals for people with cancer and other illnesses in order to help them heal and feel better during treatments. I first heard about Ceres when my mother was diagnosed with cancer and used the program to help her eat healthy during chemotherapy and radiation. I have been volunteering at Ceres for over two years, and to give back to a program that helped my family so much while involving new youth and teaching them about the work we do is incredibly meaningful.

CBSL Project: Haley Titone & Mitchell Rudoni


My name is Haley Titone and my partner Mitchell Rudoni and I are teaching art classes to the 2nd grade class at St. Rose School. St. Rose was affected by the fires that swept through our community and their 2nd grade classroom was lost. We want to give back to our old school and give the students a chance to learn about art and their own creative talents. As the year goes on, we want to fundraise for art supplies for projects we plan to do with the students and do our part in making art a fun and therapeutic experience for the class.


In the project Art to Heart, me and my partner Haley Titone will be teaching a studio art class to the students of Second Grade at Saint Rose Catholic Elementary School. The Second Graders lost their classroom and we want to bring them closer together by providing this class which will allow them to create something together as a class. We want these young kids to develop critical thinking skills and other life essential skills that can be taught through the arts.

CBSL Project: Keely Roy

Hello my name is Keely Roy!!

My CBSL project is I am teaching an Elective "experiment based" Science Class at Kids Street School.

Kids Street is a charter school that caters to a lot of the less fortunate children in Sonoma County, including some children that are homeless, orphans, or have financially unstable families. They provide a great learning environment and additional support for these children, something I am so excited to be a part of. I have always had a passion for science since I was younger so I love being able to share this with the children. My goals for my project are to help increase the children's knowledge of science in an unconventional fun way and to encourage them to not be afraid to be curious about science or pursue careers in the science field.

View: Keely's CBSL Portfolio Site

CBSL Project: Mark Stout

Hello, my name is Mark Nate Stout, and this is my CBSL Project's website. My projects primary goal is to teach younger students the basics and fundamentals of both computer science and programming. I shall be doing this at Mark West Charter with the middle school students. More information on Mark West Charter can be found at

View: Mark's CBSL Portfolio Site

CBSL Project: Kaitlyn Keshishian

For my CBSL Project, I am going to donate my time and services to Flat Broke Farm Animal Rescue in Cotati. I plan to help throughout each month with new renovations on the farm to make it more comfortable for the animals that have been rescued. I will be working hands-on at the farm, beginning with small volunteer work and gradually become more involved the the animals and their needs. I hope to help with the completion of the horse arena and assisting in the conversion of one of the barns into a visiting center.

CBSL Project: Matthew Forsell

Kaleidoscope is a weekly program at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in San Francisco that allows patients to create and view funny videos. The children, mostly battling cancer, are able to get in the studio within the hospital to express themselves however they like. In addition, anyone from around the world can send in short videos for them to laugh at each week. For my project, I will be creating these videos and spreading awareness for childhood cancer throughout my community.

View: Matthew's CBSL Portfolio Site

Be sure to check out his videos!

Roseland Collegiate Prep
CBSL Service Project
Classical Music Classes
Diego Bernal-Skala

Take a look at Diego's Video

CBSL Project
Decorate For Dax!

By: Dani Anton and Biffy Tosti

Dax is a vivacious 3 year old boy currently battling leukemia. In February, we will embark on a bedroom renovation mission, but our main goal is creating a special bond with him to help improve his quality of life.

If you would like to support our service project, we will be having a Pancake Breakfast on Sunday February 24 from 8am-11am at the Windsor Fire Station across from Windsor High School.

Windsor Fire Protection District

Station # 2

8660 Windsor Road

For Tickets to the Pancake Breakfast or donations contact:

Dani Anton


Biffy Tosti

Youth Spotlight: James Parry
American Red Cross

James Parry began his Red Cross journey in October 2017 by volunteering with disaster relief efforts in his own community after a devastating wildfire. As a junior at Cardinal Newman High School located in Santa Rosa, CA, James witnessed firsthand the aftermath of the Tubbs Fire, the second most destructive wildfire in California history. Over 36,000 acres were destroyed and more than 2,800 homes in Santa Rosa were incinerated. Many of James’ close friends and classmates lost their homes and after seeing his own high school partially burn down, James worked with his peers to channel hopelessness into action.

Under the leadership of previous Youth Spotlight nominees Jackson Phillips and Patrick Foley, James helped gather donations for the Red Cross to aid those displaced by the fires, collecting both food and non-food items. The community rallied together and the drive was so successful that they ended up with surplus donations. According to James, “it was really cool to see the community come together like that. You see the resiliency of people. It’s terrible it happened but I’m glad it was able to motivate me to do something.”

Read here

CN Service Fair: Cade Imm, James Parry, Liliana vanZutphen and AJ Gallo

CBSL Project: Vietnam

Senior students James Van Milligen and Lucas Loughner traveled to Vietnam over Christmas break visiting and working in schools and an orphanage. In addition to local service work here in Sonoma County, James and Lucas were able to distribute supplies collected, teach classes, and get to know the children of Vietnam. This semester, James and Lucas will be sharing their experiences with local children of Sonoma County!

Children receiving their first pair of real shoes!
Lucas teaching a class
James with students
Jeff Scharfen with a child from the Orphanage

CBSL Benefactor Mr. Bobby Platt

Thank you to Mr. Bobby Platt of Healdsburg for the generous donation of $5,000 for the Service Project fund 2018-19. Mr. Platt's donation was made in the name of CN graduate Claire Daniels. Claire worked on a Service Project at Village Charter School here in Santa Rosa. Claire's project was supporting young girls by creating a Girl Power support group. The students loved Claire and miss her tremendously as we all do. This school year two seniors have separate projects at Village Charter which also support both boys and girls through empowerment support groups. Mr. Platt has asked CN to gift part of his donation to seniors, Jasmine Janisch and Bella Erwin for their service project work at Village Charter - all in the name of Claire Daniels. We are very blessed and much appreciate Mr. Platt's ongoing financial support.

Mr. Bobby Platt with seniors Bella Erwin and Jasmine Janisch

Claire Daniels 2017 CN Graduate and some of her Girl Power kids from Village Charter

Christmas Caroling - Solstice Senior Living

Thank you to Mrs. Rubattino, Mr. Acevedo and CN students for the time they spent bringing good Holiday Cheer to the residents at Solstice Senior Living!

Operation Christmas Child

Thank you to senior students Mackenzie Berg, MiKayla McCormick and Ciaran McCormick for creating a service opportunity for CN student. Packing Operation Christmas Child gift boxes. Great job!

Butte County Fire Victims Letter Writing

Thank you to CN students for taking the time to write letters of encouragement to the families who lost homes in the Butte County Camp Fire.

Cardinal Newman Coat Drive

Thank you to everyone for donating coats for the homeless. All coats were delivered last month to Catholic Charities!

Catholic Charities: Sam Jones Homeless Shelter

Thank you to CN students and Mrs. Karen Rubattino for their support in gathering Christmas decorations and helping to make the Shelter look bright for the holidays!


View this DOCUMENT for multiple opportunities

Thank you to everyone who has been contributing to the Fire Relief. Much money has been raised by way of gift card donations and cash donations collected during the football game. Thank you to the CN Parent Board who organized the ribbon fundraiser. Also a thank you to the seniors working with the American Red Cross, Liliana vanZupthen, Cade Imm, AJ Gallo and James Parry.

Over $5,500.00 Collected in Gift Cards overall!

See's Candies Sales supporting CBSL Projects. Thank you to everyone who purchased candy!

See's Candy Sales collectively profited seniors and their service projects approximately $1,500.00.

Sorting See's Candies Orders...

Cade Imm and Sarah West

Dino Kahaulelio, Cade Imm and

Sarah West

In addition, thank you to Samra Tekle and Melina Jones who also helped sort and sell candy. Thank you to Lexi DeMarinis, Avery Cargill, Liliana vanZutphen, AJ Gallo and James Parry for selling candy.

Thank you to everyone for their outstanding Thanksgiving Service!

Aubrey Anderson and Abby Salisbury

Redwood Gospel Misson

Thanksgiving Pre-Packaging Event

Santa Rosa Fairgrounds

Aubrey and Abby

Staging for Volunteers and Packaging

Packaged Food

Packaged Food

Junior/Senior CBSL Dialogue

Seniors advising Juniors about how to investigate and establish a service project of their own!

CBSL Service Project

Nate Capurro

Marcus Johnson 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, CN Volunteers

CBSL Service Project

MacKenzie Berg, Mikayla McCormick and

Ciarin McCormick

Operation Christmas Child

Packing Event

Movie Night Success!

Supporting the CBSL Project

Melina Jones

Foster Children Project - Lilliput Families

The 2018 CNHS Service Fair was a great success!

Thank you to all of the nonprofit organizations who joined us for this event. More than 40 nonprofit organizations shared a multitude of service opportunities for our students and families. In addition, many of our senior students hosted service information tables based on the service project efforts.

Thank you to Mrs. Rubattino for organizing this event and to Mrs. Anna Filice and Mrs. Joan Woods for their help with hospitality. Thank you to the CNHS Maintenance Crew for their help with set up. Also, thank you to all of our CBSL teachers for their continued support!

Below you will find a few examples of nonprofits who attended this event:

Sonoma County Animal Services/Shelter

Debbie Christian, Volunteer Services and mentor to our CN students. Offering a multitude of volunteer opportunities at the shelter.

Eric Sangervasi and Clarissa Hust of the Gospel Mission. Senior Aubrey Anderson who will be developing her service project in support of the homeless through the Mission.

Special Olympics and Challenger Baseball League

Carole Alsbury and Sandree Huskey along with a number of CN seniors who are coaching various Special Olympics sports and hosting special events throughout the school year.

The Charles Schulz Museum


Snoopy and volunteer representatives from The Charles Schulz Museum attended offering a number of art based educational service opportunities for CN students.


Community Based Service Learning

Service Project Spotlight

(click on title for full story)

Bentley Barbour

Marin County Fire Department

Grace Garzini

Special Olympics

Rookie Volunteer of the 2017-18

Jackson Phillips and Patrick Foley

American Red Cross Honor

*Press Release from the American Red Cross

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