Service Project Booklet:

During the spring semester of junior year, the Class of 2019 investigated and proposed service projects to the CBSL Committee. Now, in the new 2018-19 school year, students are continuing their service project work. Junior and Senior level English and Religion teachers along with Mr. Contreras and Mrs. Rubattino will continue to guide senior students through the service project process. In May of 2019 all seniors will deliver a formal presentation regarding the overall learning experience of the service project. We look forward to Senior Boards - Wednesday May 22, 2019.

View Service Project Handbook Class of 2019

The Class of 2019 is now well on their way to establishing service projects. Junior level Religion and English teachers will continue to guide all junior students alone the way of establishing a service project.

View Service Project Handbook Class of 2020

During the school year, all of the CBSL teachers are available to assist you, please do not hesitate to ask for help. We look forward to assisting you throughout the school year. Remember the teachings and lessons of Jesus and our school patron, Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, may you be inspired to serve your community well in the spirit of the Gospel.

CBSL Teachers

English Department

  • Dr. Maryanne Berry
  • Mrs. Eleanor Trent
  • Mrs. Catherine Eggleston
  • Mrs. Heather Wilson
  • Mr. Eduardo Wolbert
  • Mr. Ian Parelius
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Stimmel

CBSL Teachers

Religion Department

  • Mrs. Alice Meyer
  • Mrs. Melissa Lobbregt
  • Mr. Ryan Corriveau
  • Mr. John Contreras, Director of Service Learning
  • Fr. Moses Brown, Chaplain

Mrs. Karen Rubattino
Service Program Coordinator

Mr. John Contreras
Director of Service Learning
Heart speaks to Heart

God shall call on me and I will hear the Lord

-Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman

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