CN Retreats

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend my class retreat?

Frosh and Soph retreats take place during a Monday and are considered "school" for the day. Therefore, they are the required activity for the day. Absences are considered unexcused.

Junior and Senior class retreats are optional experiences offered to our students. These class retreats are often cited by alumni as some of the most memorable and special high school experiences. We encourage all students to take advantage of their class retreat!

If I (or my son or daughter) attends a Junior or Senior Retreat, will my schoolwork suffer?

No, our school mission and policy ensures that students are supported and encouraged to attend retreats by teachers and coaches. Students are asked to talk to their teachers and plan ahead to make up any missed work. Students should also consult their families and coaches to choose the best retreat date. Students are not penalized in athletics for attending retreat.

Can I leave during retreat to go to another activity and then come back?

We do our best to plan for your class retreat to be a fun, faith-filled and worthwhile use of your time. We ask that if you decide to come on retreat, you plan on being there the whole time. We are unable to accommodate students leaving and returning in the middle of retreat, late arrivals or early departures. Please talk to your family and coaches to be sure that you choose the date that works best with your calendar.

Is financial aid available?

Finances should not prevent anyone from attending a retreat. Payment plans and cost assistance options are available. Please contact Mrs. Lobbregt or the Business Office to discuss.

Currently Freshman and Sophomore Retreats fees are included in tuition. Junior and Senior Retreats are optional and require additional payment.

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