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Update October 24, 2017

October 24, 2017

First Day Back to School at Remote Sites

Our 4 remote sites held their first sessions today. Much planning and prep went into establishing and pulling off these remote learning locations, and we are grateful to all our faculty, staff and administrators who have shared a common goal and did everything to make this happen. By all accounts, the first day was a success!

Photo from St. Elizabeth Seton in Rohnert Park - Junior Class Remote Site

Photo from Resurrection Parish in Santa Rosa - Freshman Class Remote Site

Photo from Our Lady of Guadalupe in Windsor - Sophomore Class Remote Site

Photo from St. Joseph's in Cotate - Senior Class Remote Site

Minutes from October 24, 2017 CN Parent Meeting at Sonoma Country Day School

CN Admin/Staff Attending - Held, Rutherford, Kirk, Calhoun, Euphrat
CN Parent Committee Attending - Stacey Almy
Notes provided by Stacey Almy and Bernadette Calhoun - Thank you

Laura Held - Opening remarks and prayer
Similar format to last Thursday. Introduction to each speaker

Graham Rutherford - Exciting to get back to school. By the end of the day the reports were from each site personnel. What worked, what didn't and which perishes need review. Uncertain of the strange problems that will arise over the course of the next days. Moving teachers between sites, students tied to their individual teach who will update Airies. This is a big adjustment period. Lockers were opened for Freshman.

For successful classes, lectures and information uploaded by the teacher must be downloaded and reviewed by the students. Students can also access information from other students. Moving people around to find the correct balance. Helpful to hear people's concerns about individual sites so work can be done to approve. The hope is to have students with their peers/students.

Early and late hours are difficult for the school. Hours are 8:00am to 3:00pm. Concern is to give as much coverage as time as possible. Unfortunately, it is not what the library was. Vans survived, keys are melted and use of the vans will come shuttles for sports practices and other activities. Parents emailing, some of the students sharing concerns with parents that will need to be worked out. Some sites definitely working better than others. Asking parents/people to be flexible.

Bernadette Calhoun - Technology Update
Part of the day at senior and junior sites. All students, except 2, checked in and ready by 9:10am.

Flipped Teaching: Idea is to take each subject and teach each of his classes at the sametime. Model we're using is flipped teaching. Students should be home at night watching a lecture. Then the students returns to the satellite campus/class and now work on the problems or work at school. The glitch is when students do not watch the video with notes during class. When the students tried hot spots and downloading content all at once, it failed. Comcast is working to boost the network capacity but the flipped teaching will stay. Paradigm of watching the lectures, taking notes at home is key. WebX donated by Cisco. One was working at the senior site. Using Latin as an example, a junior can "attend" the senior latin class remotely. Allows the students to feel as if they are in the room. It's an exciting technology.

Stacey Almy - Compassion, Resilient and one Adaptability
This is why we chose Newman for our kids. I wanted to be here with the Newman people. Newman is more than buildings and instructional time. We need to model adaptability and resilience for our kids. So much of the excitement and personality of the school comes from the Freshmen and Seniors.

We will have FAQ page. Free up admin so they can respond to students (like Nixl). Developing carpool experience so that people can get kids where they need to go. Meetings like this will help us stay informed and feel a part of the community. Needs will get met.

Laura Held - Goal to be back on campus second semester. Agencies are difficult to predict. We have a plan, a site design and timeline. Goal is to make that happen in January. Then we begin to dream what CN will look like in the future. We need all of our parents to participate and partner with us. Finally, we all want you to know that our prayers and thoughts are with you. So grateful that you value our legacy and keeps your children together with us.

Thank you to all for coming tonight.

All are staying tonight to answer questions