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Update for October 21, 2017
Cardinal Newman Families,

The outpouring of offers to help our school community is amazing! We are working to coordinate different areas that could be of help to you, our school families, who have been hit hard! Please see the information below and contact the appropriate person/organization that we have arranged for your needs.

If you are not in need of help at this time, but would like to help our community, there are some ways listed below.

Thank you to ALL who are stepping up and helping our school move forward!

If You Need Personal or Home Items -
Many have generously donated ITEMS for those who need them. If you need personal or home items, or other items, please see below:
  • Forestville Fire Department 6554 Mirabel Rd, Forestville, CA 95436 (707) 887-2212

Gift Cards - Need Them or Would Like to Donate Them -
If you need gift cards for local stores, or if you'd like to donate Gift Cards for our school families, please see below:
  • Carol Drake -
  • Mail Gift Cards to: Cardinal Newman High School 50 Ursuline Road Santa Rosa, CA 95403 ATTN: Carol Drake (The Post Office is holding our mail and it is being picked up on a daily basis.)

Carpooling Needs -
Efforts to arrange carpooling for our students is underway. If you have organized a carpool in your area and would like to share that info, or need help arranging rides, please see contact below:

Parent Liaison for Questions -
In an effort to better communicate with all of our families, several parents have offered to be Parent Liaisons for answering questions. If they do not know the answer, they will get it from the appropriate admin and communicate it back to you. They will work on a FAQ for the website as well.

FEMA Information & Registration Link
These links have been added to THIS PAGE of our website.

Cash Donation
If you are not in need of help, but want to help our CN community, you may make an online gift or send a check to the school. You may share this information with those who ask you 'how can we help?'.
  • Donate to Fire Relief efforts by using this link ONLINE DONATIONS.
  • Mail checks to CNHS 50 Ursuline Road Santa Rosa, CA 95403 ATTN: Advancement Office. The Post Office is holding our mail and it is being picked up on a regular basis.

Donations of Items - Amazon Account being set up
It is difficult to accept donations of ITEMS for our community as we just don't have space to house these items, nor do we have a process for distributing them. We are however, working on an Amazon Wish List for our teachers to update with items they need FOR THEIR IMMEDIATE TEACHING NEEDS. Please stay connected with THIS PAGE on our website as this is where we will be posting this opportunity as soon as it's up and running!

Thank you all, and God Bless,

Terri Derr -