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Service Policy, Service Organizations, & Claiming Hours

The Christian Service program is central to the mission of Cardinal Newman's mission, “To educate our students in the wholeness of mind, body, and spirit through the teachings of Jesus Christ as proclaimed by the Catholic Church." Our students learn to apply leadership skills and talents in service to others. Therefore, each student must successfully pass the service program to be eligible to graduate.

Please click on the links below to view the Christian Service Policy as well as the Approved Service Organization List. Please review the policy below to be sure your service hours count toward Christian Service credit. Please note: Our modified policy that was put in place during distance learning is no longer in effect.


Please contact Christian Service Coordinator, Mr. Perrin Cheney: | 707 546-6470 x152

Cardinal Newman Christian Service Policy

Cardinal Newman's service program prioritizes the cultivation of the theological virtue of charity. Our commitment to this fundamental value means that our students not only engage in meaningful acts of service, but also internalize the importance of compassion, empathy, and kindness towards others. Join us at and discover what it truly means to serve with purpose and heart.


CN Approved Organizations List

All Cardinal Newman Students must volunteer at organizations on the above-linked list of CN Approved Service Organizations in order for service hours to be approved.

Senior Christian Service Project organizations are approved through the proposal process.



Reporting Student Service Hours

Cardinal Newman uses an app called MobileServe to log and verify service hours.

All students are encouraged to download the MobileServe App on their devices and sign in to their account using their CN Student Google Accounts that is linked to their student email. 


Log in to MobileServe