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Senior Service Project Resources

The Senior Christian Service Project at Cardinal Newman helps seniors find the purpose and relevance of their spiritual, theological, academic, and moral formation. By engaging in works of charity towards God and their neighbors, our seniors put their education into practice and deepen their understanding of Christian values. We encourage them to reflect and pray on their good works, which leads to a deeper understanding of God's character and the impact of their service.


Seniors presenting their Senior Christian Service Projects during Board Day, 2022

Heart speaks to Heart -Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman

Road Map

Senior Christian Service Project resources are communicated to students by the Christian Service Coordinator and through their Senior Theology class. To give a big picture of the steps of the process please review the "Road Map" linked below:

Senior Christian Service Project Road Map

Please contact Christian Service Coordinator, Mr. Perrin Cheney:


» (707) 546-6470 ext. 152