A Catholic, college preparatory high school located in beautiful Sonoma County.


Opportunities to Give!

On this page are opportunities for students (and sometimes families) to give to charity by participating in on campus drives, fundraisers, and the like. Show your love of God and neighbor by joining in with these opportunities and bringing light to the lives of others through acts of charity. 

Dollar No Collar

These opportunities are eligible for Dollar No Collar! This means that students who bring in either a donation item or a monetary donation (depending on the nature of the drive) may ware a Cardinal Newman T-Shirt rather than the usual CN Pollo (other dress code limits still apply).

Opportunities to Give!

See below for advertisements and information on opportunities to give:

Be a Secret Santa by Choosing a Heart Ornament in the Main Office!

This Advent we are continuing the tradition of participating in the Sonoma County Secret Santa program. Come to the CN main office, choose an ornament (and sign it out on the clipboard) to become a Secret Santa for a neighbor in need this Christmas. Put yourself in the shoes of families that are struggling and serve Christ by offering Him a gift in the form of a Secret Santa present. The gifts requested are humble, but the gesture of love makes a great difference! Bring the love and light of Christ to brother or sister in your community through an act of generosity done for the love of God and neighbor! Return the gift to Christian Service (Room 212) by December 15th. Questions? email: cheney@cardinalnewman.org.