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Christian Service Program

Intent and Mission

Like many schools, Cardinal Newman High School features a strong service program, but what sets our service program apart from others is our emphasis on the theological virtue of charity. 

Our commitment to this fundamental value means that our students not only engage in meaningful acts of service, but also internalize the importance of compassion, empathy, and kindness towards others. Join us at Cardinal Newman and discover what it truly means to serve with purpose and heart.As a Catholic school, we are called to embody Christ’s message of compassion and love by reaching out to those in need through concrete acts of charity. As Jesus teaches in the Gospel of Matthew, our eternal salvation is intertwined with our service to the least of His brothers and sisters (Matthew 25:40,45). This is why Cardinal Newman places a strong emphasis on responding to the needs of our local and global communities with generosity and empathy. We encourage our students to engage in service experiences that promote spiritual reflection and deepen their formation as Christian disciples. At our school, we measure our success not only by academic achievements, but also by the impact of our service and the positive difference we create when we serve with purpose and faith.

At Cardinal Newman High School, we believe that our works of service are an expression of our faith. Our primary goal is to spread God's love and kindness by serving others with empathy, generosity, and compassion. Join us at Cardinal Newman High School and discover the power of service in transforming lives and building a more just and compassionate society.