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Faith & Service

The CNHS community strives to teach and live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Through a comprehensive program which includes campus ministry, the celebration of the Eucharist, prayer services, retreats, and service work, students are encouraged to embody the gospel values of Faith, Leadership, and Service.



Chaplain's Message

Message from the Chaplain

Stat Crux Dum Volvitur Orbis
“The cross stands firm while the world turns”

- Motto of the Order of Carthusians


We are living in a world of not only constant change, but also constant division. Even for
adults, the state of the world can be disorienting and disheartening. The stresses and anxieties of life are, sadly, not restricted to those of us who have reached maturity of years. They also create burdens for our young people who are just starting to venture out into the world for the first time.

When faced with such an uncertain world, one naturally seeks out a place where they can lay hold to something firm, timeless, unchanging, and safe. For us Catholics, we find such refuge in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The cross of our Blessed Lord is our great and constant sign of hope in a world torn by strife. In the cross of Christ, death was laid low, sin forgiven and paradise opened. And this great victory, won by our Blessed Lord, continues to resound down to this very day. The cross stands before us as the tree of life, and its most precious fruit, the very Body and Blood of Christ, gives eternal life to all who receive it.

It is this great hope that I, as chaplain, strive to make present in our school. Together with the Theology Department and with the assistance of the entire Newman family, we all endeavor to make the saving power of Christ’s sacrifice present throughout our entire community. We strive to provide that steady rock which one can cling to during the difficulties of life. The proclamation of the love of God, made manifest through His Son, is central to our mission here
at Newman.

To all who pass through the gates of our campus, it is my earnest hope that you will find here a place to safely explore the Catholic Christian Faith. It is my hope that you will find a place of prayer, security, and stability, rooted in that “beauty ever ancient, ever new” (St. Augustine) which comes from the cross and shines forth through the Church. I will conclude, if you would indulge me one last time, with another Latin phrase that pithily
expresses the essential mystery of our Christian Faith.

Ave crux, spes unica!
Hail the cross, our only hope!

- Fr. Christopher Girolo †

Christian Service Program

Catholic Schools are called to reach out to the suffering, the poor, and the vulnerable through concrete acts of charity.


Intent & Mission

Like many schools, Cardinal Newman High School features a strong service program, but what sets our service program apart from others is our emphasis on the theological virtue of charity. 

Our commitment to this fundamental value means that our students not only engage in meaningful acts of service, but also internalize the importance of compassion, empathy, and kindness towards others. Join us at Cardinal Newman and discover what it truly means to serve with purpose and heart.

Faith & Ministry Team

Martin Argenti

Martin Argenti

Class of 2000
Science Teacher, Faculty Faith Formation Leader, 2023
Faculty & Staff, Alumni
Perrin Cheney

Perrin Cheney

Christian Service Coordinator
Faculty & Staff
Marie Rodnick

Marie Rodnick

Teacher, Campus Ministry Club Advisor
Faculty & Staff, Parent

Service Policies & Approved Organizations

All Cardinal Newman students must volunteer at CN approved service organizations in order for service hours to be approved.

Senior Christian Service Project organizations are approved through the proposal process.

CN Approved Service Organizations

Cardinal Newman christian Service Policy