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The Athletic Program emphasizes the development of athletic skill in an environment centered on fair play and sportsmanship. Being a part of a team teaches our students discipline, respect, responsibility and perseverance.

Our Program

Cardinal Newman’s Athletic programs exist to enhance the relationship between faith and educational practice. The educational experience involves the entire person; mind, body, and spirit, and works to bring each student closer to his/her potential. This total character development must be a daily school experience. Every aspect of the school can contribute to this endeavor, from the quality and thoroughness of the academic work to how the students behave and treat one another. This carries over to their experiences in athletics.

Everyone at Cardinal Newman High School, the staff, faculty, parents, and coaches, join in this effort to build moral character and faith by using every possible occasion to instruct, guide, encourage and motivate.

The Cardinal Newman Athletic programs present ideal opportunities for teaching students life lessons. Creating and meeting goals, overcoming challenges, and learning to sacrifice for the good of others should generate moments of pride, satisfaction, and joy; regardless of the wins and losses teams will experience. Being involved in a sport teaches students self-discipline, respect, responsibility and perseverance. It is up to everyone in the Cardinal Newman Community to make these life situations as meaningful and productive as possible, on the fields and courts, as well as off of them.

For Athletics news, scores, photos, rankings, and more, please visit our main Athletics page:

CN Athletics Site

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Sports Clearance Process

Required elements to be eligible to participate in Cardinal Newman Athletics:

  • Cardinal Newman uses an online platform called SportsNet for all of the sports clearance paperwork.  On this platform you will be able to fill out all of the clearance paperwork except for the physical form portion that must be filled out and signed by a physician. You will also be asked to fill out emergency contact information and health history questions to allow the athletic department to digitally create emergency travel cards for each sports team/ coach. Please click HERE for an instructional letter that will walk you through how to create your account.

    A physical that is dated after June 1st of the current academic year that is signed by a medical doctor (MD/DO).

  • Have all of the following forms signed and submitted on the SportsNet profile:
    • NCS Ejection Policy
    • Cardiac Care Information Sheet
    • Concussion Information Sheet
    • Authorization for Sports Medicine Treatment Sheet
    • Authorization, Acknowledgement, and Consent for Participation Sheet


Sports Clearance Process