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Tuition Assistance

School Year 2023-2024

The application period for the 2023-2024 school year is November 1, 2022 - January 31, 2023. 

While families are still able to apply after the application period is closed, it is unlikely that funds will be available for late applicants due to budget constraints.

Qualifying families may submit an online application for tuition assistance through the Blackbaud Financial Aid Management system. Blackbaud reviews the financial information submitted and assesses the need for assistance. Confidentiality is ensured with bank-level encryption standards. 

      •    Awards are made for one year and must be renewed each subsequent year, during the re-enrollment period.
      •    Awards are based entirely on financial need as determined by the Tuition Assistance Committee.
      •    Tuition assistance decisions are made independently of admissions decisions.
      •    Students must maintain a minimum 2.00 GPA and no grade lower than D to be eligible for Tuition Assistance.

A complete tuition assistance application to Cardinal Newman must include:

      •   Completed online application
      •   Required income and tax documentation
      •   $35 processing fee
      •   Submission by the deadline  prior to enrollment

A separate application is required for each parent if parents do not reside in the same household. In rare circumstances when the whereabouts of a second parent are unknown, additional documentation may be requested.

Awards will be determined prior to March 1 by the Tuition Assistance Committee from a limited pool of funds, and notices of awards will be emailed to returning families at the end of February. New students will be notified at the time of acceptance.

Important Documents to Review:

How to Apply for Tuition Assistance

CNHS Tuition Assistance Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I qualify for Tuition Assistance?
To be eligible for tuition assistance you must go through the application process. Blackbaud Financial Aid management, a third party provider of Tuition Assistance Assessment reviews submissions and makes recommendations to the school. The Cardinal Newman Tuition Assistance Committee reviews the information to make a determination as to whether a family qualifies for tuition assistance based on the amount of tuition assistance money available, the number of families who apply, and each family's need.

How much Tuition Assistance will I receive?
It is difficult to provide a definitive answer but there are awards given based on financial need that approach 50% of tuition. Tuition Assistance is provided based on financial need determined from the financial information furnished. The award is determined on a case-by-case basis. Applicants with the same income level may have different factors that drive the amount of need such as the number of students enrolled, personal circumstances, and assets owned.

Do you give any academic or athletic scholarships?
There are no academic or athletic scholarships. All tuition assistance awarded is based on financial need.

Do you allow the parents to perform hours of service?
We do not have families receiving tuition assistance perform hours of service to the School as employment and liability issues make this impractical.

If we already have a student attending CNHS, are we limited in the amount of assistance we receive? Is a discount available?
The tuition assistance offered is based on the financial need of the family. We do not offer a multiple-student tuition discount.

If parents are separated/divorced and filing separately, will both incomes be counted?
A separate application is required for each parent if the two parents do not reside in the same household. In rare circumstances when the whereabouts of a second parent is unknown, additional documentation may be requested.

What if I miss the application deadline for a good reason?
You may still apply for tuition assistance after the published deadline and your application and all related information submitted will be considered to the extent that remaining funds are available. It is extremely important that the completed application be submitted when specified. Since there is always more need than there are available resources, it is likely that submitting a late or incomplete application will negatively affect the likelihood and/or amount of an award.

When will I be notified about my award?
The Admission Office will be informing freshmen applicants of their acceptance to the school in March. At the same time, families of incoming accepted freshmen will be informed of their  tuition assistance award.