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Flex - FAQs

Q: What is the purpose of Flex?
A: The concept of flex was discussed by faculty in 2016 as a way to support students. After researching the practice at other schools the flex period was put into practice in the Spring of 2018. Flex is a block period during the regular school schedule which allows students to go to the class that they choose to get the support they need. The purpose was to alleviate student stress by allowing those who could not go to tutorial for very long, or at all, to get support. In addition, it is used to take make-up exams and catch-up for time missed. Students earning less than a C in a class are required to go to that classes flex.

Q: How often does Flex occur?
A: Flex occurs every other day. The schedule is designed to have the students meet with 4 blocks every day and with 7 periods the flex acts as one of the 4 block periods.

Q: Is Flex used for any other purpose?
A: Yes. It is used for all the other activities such as Liturgies, Rallies, and other special events. This allows teachers and students to know that the normal class time will not change based on any of these activities. It is also a good time to schedule appointments that may have taken class time.

Q: Can a teacher require a student to go to their flex?
A: Yes, but only if they have a test to make-up or they have earned a grade of less than a C. The purpose is to allow students to go to the class of their choice.

Q: How do the students choose their flex block?
A: The students go to the website: flextimemanager.com. Here they find their teacher, class, and location of the flex. It is at this site that the teachers see their roster for the flex and take attendance.

Q: What if a student does not sign up for flex?
A: Students who do not sign up for flex are put in a catch all and are assigned detention with the Dean.

Q: How effective has the Flex been at this point?
A: Since the concept is still new to our school we have been monitoring the progress of the flex and tightening up its use. The flextimemanager was one of the first items put into place. The Scheduling Committee is working on gathering data this school year to evaluate its effectiveness to determine what kinds of changes would be necessary for the 2019-2020 school year. The data that has been gathered at this point are class time missed, and assignments missed. We will continue to monitor the progress.