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Mission Statement and Integral Student Outcomes

Our Mission

Cardinal Newman High School
A Catholic, college preparatory community,
Educating students in the wholeness of body, mind, and soul,
Consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church,
Manifested by faith, leadership and service.

At Cardinal Newman High School, we are committed to providing Catholic education and academic excellence, as envisioned by our namesake, Saint John Henry Newman.  We believe that families play a crucial role in the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, and social development of our students, and we seek to assist and supplement them in this vital task. 

We encourage our students not only to develop their creative and critical thinking abilities but also to cultivate Christian virtue and a strong sense of social responsibility.

We invite you to be part of a community dedicated to nurturing future leaders who are rooted in the values of love, truth, and service.


Ready for College, Ready for Life

CN grad being greeted by faculty at graduation

Our focus on outstanding achievement ensures that our students become knowledgeable and skillful in areas of moral and ethical decision-making, critical thinking, accountability, technology and adaptability. Our co-curricular programs enhance the academic and spiritual dimensions of our school by providing influential activities that foster community, leadership, creativity and sportsmanship.

Life requires Faith.

small group of tennis players in prayer on the court before a match

At Cardinal Newman, we believe that Christian virtue is cultivated through the study of Scripture and the teachings of the Catholic Church and service. Our faith is not just theoretical but is lived out in everyday experiences. These experiences help our students not only understand the value of a faith-centered life, but the respect for diversity in religion and culture. Our community is guided by Christ to give witness through example.

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Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs)

Upon graduation from Cardinal Newman High School, each graduate will:


smiling dancer leaping in the air in front of studio lights
  • Possess healthy physical habits and skills through participation in the Arts, Athletics, Sciences and Human Performance classes as well as extracurricular offerings.
  • Demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility for one’s actions while respecting oneself and others through individual and group interactions.


smiling graduate in cap and gown and decorative leis
  • Understand one’s role in local and global communities and feel empowered to contribute positively by applying one’s God-given skills and talents in service to others.
  • Be prepared for academic challenges of university life by demonstrating mastery of fundamental academic skills, effective analytical and critical thinking skills, and possess responsibility for one’s own learning.


young man holding bible for campus chaplain
  • Have knowledge and understanding of Catholic doctrines, practices and values while having grown in faith through participation in prayer, retreats, Christian Service, and community building experiences.
  • Have a developing understanding of the Gospel values expressed by Jesus and living out those values while developing strong moral reasoning skills.