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Bishop of Santa Rosa | Robert F. Vasa
Bishop Robert F. Vasa is the Sixth Bishop of Santa Rosa and serves as the leader of the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

Superintendent | Dr. Adrian Peterson
The Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Santa Rosa is responsible to the Bishop for the overall operational success of all Catholic schools in the Diocese.

Board of Trustees
A Board of Trustees established by the Bishop of Santa Rosa governs Cardinal Newman High School. The Board has limited jurisdiction, meaning it serves in an advisory capacity and is not engaged in the daily operations and management of the school.

President | Dr. Linda Norman
The President of Cardinal Newman High School is responsible for the overall operational success of Cardinal Newman High School. The Board of Trustees advises the President and uses their experience, expertise, and network to foster support for the school and guide the President in its strategic goals and mission effectiveness. In addition, the President works with department directors for operational management. This includes the Principal, who operates as the Director of Academics.

Principal | Nicholas Reynolds
The Principal of Cardinal Newman is responsible for the overall Academic operations of the school. The Principal oversees curriculum, teaching faculty, student life, and parent engagement related to academics.

Chaplain | Father Christopher Girolo
The Chaplain is responsible for the Catholicity of Cardinal Newman and reports to the Bishop. In addition, the Chaplain oversees Campus Ministry, Christian Service, and the Theology department.

Supporting Administration

Key operational department directors support the school, the President, and the Principal. Directors include the Chief Financial Officer, Director of Athletics, Director of Advancement, Vice Principal for Student Life, Vice Principal of Academics, and the Director of Communications.

To learn more, please review Cardinal Newman High School's Organization Chart.

View the CNHS Organization Chart

Communication Protocol

Generally, parents of students will contact the school with questions or concerns about their child’s learning experience. The Office Manager will connect the parent with the appropriate leader to address the inquiry. 

  • If a parent has a concern with a faculty member, share that concern directly with the teacher and try to resolve the issue collaboratively. If this does not resolve the issue, then address it with the Principal. If the problem is not resolved with collaboration from the Principal, it should be addressed with the President.
  • Department directors will address issues if the concern is an operational or support staff member (non-teaching position). If the problem is not resolved, then it can be addressed by the President.
  • Suggestions or concerns not addressed by the President should be shared with the Superintendent.
  • Limit contact with Board members to matters addressing the broader direction of the school, including topics related to Catholic identity, Fiscal matters, or the strategic vision. Their governance policy only allows them to relay other concerns back to the President, who then engages the appropriate leaders to resolve the issue.

Media Inquiries

Please direct your inquiries to the Director of Marketing and Communications