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Welcome to Cardinal Newman High School

About Us

Rooted in Faith, Leadership, & Service since 1964

Cardinal Newman High School is a private Catholic, college preparatory community in Santa Rosa, California.  Every day, we live our mission: to educate students in the wholeness of body, mind, and soul, consistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church, manifested by faith, leadership, and service.


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We Are Newman

Developing Leaders
4 graduates in caps and gowns
The path to success in college begins in high school.

The path to success in college begins in high school.

Last year, our graduates were accepted to 196 colleges and universities and were awarded almost $10M in college scholarships.



Highest GPA: 4.52

Mean GPA: 3.73

Median GPA: 3.87


77% of CN's Class of 2023 proudly wore the CSF Life Member cords at graduation.

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Ash Wednesday service blessing
Life Requires Faith

The CNHS community strives to teach and live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Through a comprehensive program which includes campus ministry, the celebration of the Eucharist, prayer services, retreats, and service work, students are encouraged to embody the gospel values of Faith, Hope, and Love.

The Arts are Alive at Cardinal Newman

Cardinal Newman's Art Program is vibrant! Classes within the program include Studio Art, Graphic Design, Music, Guitar, Drama, Modern Band, and Dance.

Christian Service Learning

The aim of Christian Service is to help the students grow in the love of God and neighbor through concrete acts of service done for the love of God. In this spirit, each student will spend a minimum of 25 hours per year serving others in the greater community. 

Christian Service formation culminates in a Senior Christian Service Project conceived and implemented by the individual student in which the student responds to a specific community need in a spirit of Christian service.

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Support at Every Step

Academic support, peer tutoring, study skill resources, and counselors provide the structure and support to meet the needs of every student.

Affording Newman

Upcoming Events

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all day

From Our Community

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“The Newman tradition is not merely about the events and rituals. It is about the values and principles that lie at the core of our high school experience. To educate the mind, body, and soul.  The unwavering commitment to knowledge and the dedication to growth, with an emphasis on respect, integrity, and fellowship. All of these ideals have been nurtured within these walls, passed down from one generation to the next.”

-nicholas ayre, cn class of 2023

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Throughout my years at Cardinal Newman, I’ve realized how lucky I am.  Not only am I thankful for the teachers and staff, but also the positive and spirited community. I enjoy the energy and kindness that everyone brings. 

Leah Mauritson, CN Class of 2024

view of the backs of the caps of class of 2023

My favorite thing about Newman is the community -  it has always supported all of its families and students.

Kai Slater, CN Class of 2025

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I feel gratitude to be part of a student, parent, and staff community that has worked to provide opportunity and support for growth and care; I feel the benefit from when I was a student, parent, and staff member. 

-Graham Rutherford, Teacher/Alumni Director

Cardinal Newman High School children receive spiritual guidance and teaching that will help them throughout their lives. CNHS has provided our children and grandchildren with a robust educational experience. It's technology-rich curriculum is supported by an excellent teaching staff, and the sports programs are some of the best in the state of California. The strong family participation allows CNHS to give back to the church and community.The biagi family